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Best Maid & Butler in the area

Based in the area, at Community Service we offer a traditional service that emphasises a clean and tidy home you can be proud of each and every day. Our passionate, experienced staff will help keep your home well maintained, organised and sparkling. Fancy coming home to fresh milk in the fridge? Clean clothes, ironed and pressed? Your wish is our command. We’re here to serve. Just contact us on the form below today!

Let us know what you need

In order for us to give you an accurate quote, we recommend that you inform us what kind of services you need your maid or butler to perform for you.In addition, you will also need to provide the hours and days you wish them to work, as certain dates and times may be billed at a higher rate. Rest assured, all our staff are professionals, arriving to perform their tasks in proper attire and promptly on time.

Your Dream Butler

The traditional idea of a butler these days is actually more akin to that of a household manager. Our managers, or butlers, if you like, can take care of serving food and drinks, chauffeur duties, organising events, and even the supervision of other staff. Our small team personally hand-picks the best of the best to ensure you get a quality service.

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